i must apologize. i have not been posting as much as usual. i have tried to make it up to you with new images bursting with color and useless randomness. i hope you enjoy.

everyone needs more dancing

this girl puts a smile on my face everytime

you know you are silly when you make the people around you act silly

i have no idea

"hand-in-the-face" always makes a better picture

we all get tired sometimes

sarah lang

this is what my camera does to people

everyone could use more love

if one image could some up how my mind works it would be this one, because i have no idea what it is or why i took it

i have no idea what i was taking a picture of, but i hope this makes you feel good.

one day the sky really will be on fire and we all won't sit back and watch, until that day fireworks are still amazing

i love drums in the street