tell nicole i'm sorry


sal is one of those people that i dont know what i'd do without. i think he's the truest artist that has ever lived. and he cant even draw.


dannielle is beautiful. this was taken in a gelato cafe. we talked so much i never finished my dolce de leche

this was a postcard sent to us from swisserland. they have cool postcards there. they actually show what happens.

i drew this behind mary in study hall. the bowtie and joint were monica's idea. calling it Bo + Bowtie was mine.


no one is like aaron

we are usually happy in church. julie is always happier

this is how my friends pose for my pictures. wonderful

meghan. she's a wonderful person. sometimes i wish i hugged her more. she deserves it

if the world had more dannielles there would be now famine, war, greed, or needless tears. but God only created one danielle and i'm more than thankful for her

so it just so happens you haven't heard from me in a while. also it just so happens that i've seen alot since i've last talked to you. i saw how it smell, feels, and taste, to be taken across state boarders in the back of a truck. also i've seen the strange inbetween of winter and spring. i've seen proud men fall, and strong men weep. i've enjoyed a lot. but not all. right now i see that trying to force myself to write something cool and thoughtful is pointless. i've also seen the bottom of a lot of coffee cups. 8 ounces

nicole brings joy into my life

sawyer loves to cook, uncle peter does it for a living

the back of sharon and the front of meghan

this is my guitar. named her sally

this is anthony. great guy. talk to him about God one day. you won't regret it